Joining GMAA as a educational institute provides substantial benefits such as:

1. The Eligibility to Publicly List Membership of the GMAA on the Website or other Marketing Tools.

2. 5-Star Ratings for the MBA & Doctorate Degrees.

3. Complimentary Non-Voting Membership for all of their Students (all Benefits of Membership Except Voting Rights at General Meetings).

4. Eligibility to Nominate the Best MBA, Doctorate and Project Management Students for the Graduate Management Awards (GMA).

5. 2 x Complimentary Tickets to the Annual GMA.

6. Discounts to any Training and Development that the GMAA may offer.

7. Opportunity to Request the Attendance of a GMAA Representative at a University Event or Presentation.

8. Support for University Awards, Including a Cash Prize of up to $500.

9. Membership Certificate and Photo Opportunity with a Member of the GMAA Board.

10. Eligibility to Advertise MBA/Doctorate Programs on the GMAA Website.

11. Discounts on GMAA Advertising and Sponsorship.

12. Discounted Tickets to other GMAA Events.

13. Membership Fees are Tax-Deductible.